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  • Bianca Vinther

Caring Through Art: ART TALK with Alecia Neo, Singaporean Artist & Winner of the Young Artist Award

This is a talk that I had with Alecia Neo live on Monday, 24 January 2022. It's the second in a long row of art talks that I'll publish regularly on The Pointless Artist Blog under Podcast > Art Talks, as well as on THE POINTLESS ARTIST PODCAST on and Spotify. Stay tuned.

Picture of the Singaporean artist Alecia Neo with kytes.
Alecia Neo with Kytes "Between Earth and Sky". Photography by Chee Boon Pin.

Alecia is a socially engaged artist based in Singapore. In 2016 she won the Young Artist Award, Singapore's highest award for young arts practitioners.

We spoke about her motivation as an artist, her main source of inspiration, her social engagement, and the impact of her work in Southeast Asia.

"I make work to understand myself, to understand different situations as happening around us, and also as a way to connect with others who are seeminly different from me." (Alecia Neo)

We also spoke in depth about her approach to transformation, which is central both to her work and The Pointless Artist Blog, as well as about the transformative power of care and disability-led art, an emerging arts field in Singapore. Last but not least, we spoke about her understanding of artistic creativity, art inspiration and artist block, and her current projects (watch the video below).

"I'm trying to create experiences also for my audiences to understand how they position themselves in the world and, through that sort of encounter and experience, I hope that it will also shift a position within them or their thinking about a certain topic because that it's how it's been for me in the art making process." (Alecia Neo)

We ended the talk with a short discussion about Alecia's new open call for artists, to which I strongly encourage you to respond. I kindly asked Alecia to share hands-on information on how you can respond to her ongoing call.

You can listen to my talk with Alecia Neo here. You can also listen to it directly on and Spotify > The Pointless Artist's ART TALKS.

I found a lot of synergies between Alecia and me as visual artists and practitioners of the spiritual values we believe in. We're both concerned with the topics of inner transformation, consciousness, interpersonal exchange and interconnection, listening, care, togetherness, and ultimately oneness. We both belive in the power of small and the depth of human relationships. And we're both convinced that

"Every small, incremental step that we can take really makes a difference." (Alecia Neo)