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  • Bianca Vinther

How to create art with your heart: a 5-step daily ritual

Wondering how to be more creative as an artist?

There are so many ways to make art, and there’s no right or wrong one. It’s all a matter of personal choice and perspective. For instance, you can make art with your subconscious, sensuality, or sense of order. But you can also create with your heart, with that sense of wonder and genuine passion for art. Like Marc Chagall, who declared:

"Picasso painted with his belly and me, I paint with my heart."

If you don’t know what to do when you’re stuck for ideas, or if you want to refresh your creative vision and expression and be more creative as an artist, then this approach might help you. Try it for yourself, observe how it impacts you, and let me know, so I can share your experience with it on my blog.

Making art with the mind

For many years I painted with my mind, with everything I learned in art school, and with a sense of outness in my head. I created from without. Therefore, my artworks were an expression of my outer self. One day I hit a huge creative block. I struggled so much with myself while I was constantly searching for a way out of the creative rut, which felt pretty much like a prison to me. Until I stopped searching and started finding. Until I dared and tried my heart’s way.

From that moment on, my artistic creativity and inspiration took literally off. I saw myself creating paintings I loved. Believe me, I was over the moon! My creative process ran so easily and smoothly: it occurred each time without the usual effort. Painting and drawing came surprisingly natural to me. I became spontaneous and uninhibited in action. I started to paint abstractly, and my palette filled itself with a range of rich, vivid colours. Yes, my artistic creativity flew and my inspiration thrived.

You can experience this state of creative abundance, too. You only need to open the door of your heart and let your mind in. Ready?

Let’s go, no fooling around.” (Marc Chagall)

Create art with your heart

Here’s how I paint with my heart on my sleeve. This is my daily ritual. It’s a powerful practice rooted in Eastern monachism. And it doesn’t only work for Orthodox monks, but it can also work for everybody else, including you. Provided you’re willing to descend the mind into the chest where your infinite heart dwells.

The heart knows no obstruction, no artist block. The heart knows. Everything.