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  • Bianca Vinther

Why I created The Pointless Artist

Logo of The Pointless Artist

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

You can find here The Pointless Artist’s blog posts about creativity in art, artist block, art inspiration, and LOTS MORE.

The intention is to help, encourage, and inspire you. And the promise is a transformational journey from artist block and “not enough creativity” to unlocked creativity, sparking inspiration, and a steady artistic practice.

My artist slogan is: find — transform — gift.

To find means to choose and reinvent. But to choose doesn't mean to make. It means to transform the ordinary into something extra-ordinary; to give another life to a thing. It is to take it out of its familiar context, dissociate it from its initial function, and change something about it, in other words, reinvent it. Finally, it is to share it with your community, offer it to the world, pass it onto others.

Who is behind The Pointless Artist?

It's me, Bianca Vinther, a passionate painter, photographer, blogger, and podcaster.

I’m 44 years old, and I live with my family in the lovely city of Flensburg, on the German-Danish border.

I have a genuine wish to help you unlock your artistic creativity and find inspiration for your art. I can help you deal with your creative crisis and the challenges you may face in your artistic practice. Because I’ve been there before, and I’ve learned important lessons.

I’m so motivated to accompany you on your path, to inspire and encourage you, and to make a valuable contribution to your development as an artist! But I’m also keen on exchanging with you and on learning from your work and your experiences as a hobby or professional artist. You can get in touch with me via email.

What does it mean to be pointless?

It simply means to be different. Like Oblio — round-headed, when everybody else has a pointed head. Oblio’s pointlessness and his story have profoundly inspired the title and the basic message of this blog. Therefore, to be pointless means to be unique, creative, extraordinary, out-of-norm. In other words, it means to BE YOURSELF.

But the expression “to be pointless” puts more words than necessary on the sheer fact of being what you truly, naturally, and uncompromisingly are. It is, in fact, a pleonasm. Does fire do anything else but burn? Does light do anything else but shine? You A-R-E. And because you are, you are per se different, which is pointless. This is your inborn nature.

The word association “pointless artist” enhances here the meaning and increases the value of being yourself, which means being different and being an artist, at the same time.

How the first Corona lockdown inspired me to create

The Pointless Artist

The first lockdown in Germany evoked in me a similar feeling of unfamiliarity and awkwardness, a similar sense of strangeness and loneliness in the world as the animated movie The Point! did many years before.

It was like the Coronavirus had placed an almost unbridgeable distance between the world before and after its spread. I felt I was isolated in the stream of time, while the word “alienation” was buzzing in my ears.

Around that time, I lost two of my oldest and dearest friends from France. I was devastated by sadness and fear. I was, in fact, experiencing a tough life crisis. In those critical moments, I saw myself standing before an appalling disaster or a tremendous possibility. I realised a crisis is a chance — the bigger the crisis, the bigger the chance. Therefore, I was thankful for my life crisis, and I chose to rise instead of sinking. Yes, I made a choice, I grabbed a straw, and the straw turned into a thick rope.

Furthermore, the lockdown awakened me to be more mindful and to help people overcome their creative blockages and fears, to be more thoughtful about my fellow artists, and to be of service to others. It had etched a higher sense of purpose in my life.

Thanks to the lockdown, I