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  • Bianca Vinther

3 Secrets about the art-making process + my creative process revealed

Discover the truth & 3 main secrets about the art-making process, and get an insider's view into one of my creative processes + 3 tips on how to be more creative in drawing

What’s your path to outcome with no outcome in mind?

Drawing in mixed media expressing a cosmic explosion.
"Cosmic Explosion". Drawing in mixed media on paper by Bianca Vinther.

In this blog post, I’ll explain the art-making process as a unique and nonlinear experience, as well as its subtle, unpredictable character, complexity, and nuances. In addition, I'll describe the first 2 stages of one of my most recent creative processes, and I’ll reveal to you my tried-and-true strategies for becoming more creative in drawing and making mind-blowing art.

To help you better understand your own creative process, I'll first discuss the art-making process in general as a continuum of momentums, occurrences, thoughts, deep reflections, actions, and a multiplicity of relationships between thoughts and actions that lead to ... tadaa, our unique artworks!

Second, I'll describe the 2 first stages of one of my latest art-making processes, when I found new inspiration and a completely new idea, and when I developed my initial idea and sketched frantically.

Also included in this blog post are an overview of my mediums and tools, as well as some helpful suggestions on how to be more creative in drawing and how to choose the right pencils and paper structures for you.

In a future blog post, I’ll explain the process of going from sketches to finished artworks – oil colours and acrylics on canvas. I'll also talk about the challenging task of experimenting, playing, and making a series of large format paintings for a forthcoming exhibition.

Discover my first steps on the path to outcome and beyond, with no concrete outcome in mind.

Drawing in mixed media depicting a spider-octopus-like shape.
"Wretched Eye". Drawing in mixed media on paper by Bianca Vinther.

The truth and 3 main secrets about the art-making process

As the ancient adage goes, "all roads lead to Rome", there are many ways to make art and reach that golden milestone – paintings on the wall, sculptures on pedestals, installations in unconventional settings, or anything else. Fact is that there's no one-size-fits-all strategy to make art. In a never-ending loop, your creative route takes its own, unique and multidirectional course.

Taking a bird's eye view, the art-making process evolves over 3 major stages, which I discussed in one of my most popular blog entries to date, "What are the stages of the art-making process?". When examined moreclosely, however, the creative process reveals itself to be an intricated network of actions and deep thought moments that are per se not reproducible, i.e., they are unique to each individual in place and time. And this is precisely the truth, the undeniable essence of any art-making process!