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The Pointless Artist helps you thrive as an artist, build your creative confidence, overcome artist block, unlock your artistic creativity, and find inspiration for your art. In this place you’ll acquire new creative insights and (re)learn the fundamental principles of seeing and creating like an artist, which are the foundation of your art-making process regardless of the medium or technique you use. 

What's it for?

The Pointless Artist helps you create art that you love and transform your way of seeing and your mind. Pointless is different. Like the artist in YOU. And like nobody else. Find, transform, share. Because art is to see differently and find rather than seek, transform immediate reality, and share your work. 

What’s it all about?

Art-makers from all walks of life: if you want to (re)learn how to see and create like an artist; if you want to boost your creativity and you're looking for some inspiration for your art; or if you struggle with gaining more confidence as an arts practitioner or you're stuck in a creative rut, then WELCOME! This place is for you. Join The Pointless Artist’s community!

Who's it for?

What does it seek to change?

Transformation is central to The Pointless Artist. This place opens your heart to the subtle miracle of transforming banality into art. It also helps you develop your creative vision and define your artistic expression. A shift in your consciousness and a profound understanding of your art-making process constitute The Pointless Artist’s main objectives. Let's make the unconscious conscious and move the world through art! Together.

Portrait of Bianca Vinther, creator of The Pointless Artist

Hi, I'm Bianca Vinther.

I'm the creator of The Pointless Artist. I'm also a painter  and art curator, who blogs and podcasts from Germany with love. Find out MORE ABOUT ME.

I kindly invite you to browse through MY GALLERY, view my Instagram profile, as well as read and listen to my ART TALKS with extraordinary artists from all corners of the world. 
The Pointless Artist's goal is to journey alongside you. Discover why I created this blog, and how you can benefit from it. Here you can find the fundamental principles of how to see and create like an artist plus thoughtful insights, time-tested strategies, and useful tips about creativity in art, artist block, and art inspiration.

Ready to dive in? Use the 6 categories below to discover The Pointless Artist's blog posts. Art is about possibilities. And p
ossibilities are infinite.

Creative explosion of colours and abstract forms

Powerful resources that help you better understand artistic creativity and effectively improve your art-making process.

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Unique insights and tips that help you break free from your creative rut and unlock your artistic creativity.

Creative flow of abstrct forms and colours

Original ideas and reflections that spark your inspiration and help you make artworks y.


Fundamental principles and effective strategies that help you transform your mindset and see art wherever you are.

William Eckhardt Kohler American painter

Basic principles, unique insights, and expert tips that help you find the key to your next creative breakthrough.


Conversations with artists who share their unique stories, explain how they bring their creative visions to life, and inspire you to create.


I'm guided by what I encounter in nature, where nothing superfluous occurs, but everything has its place, meaning, and inner order. I'm attracted in particular by stones, wings, leaves, seashells, water, stars, and the invisible. All of my art creation is an attempt to restore a connection with Nature and the world beyond the visible that humans have once broken. Have a look at my works below.